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Brief Background

Vachaspathy Dr. Sri. U. Ve Mukundagiri Vankeepuram Ananntha Padmanabhachariar, fondly called as Sri APN Swami is a famous Upanyasakar and writer on our ancient Sanathana Dharma. Sri APN Swami’s Father, Sri Mukundagiri Vangeeepuram Narasimhachariar, popularly known as Sri Nrisimhapriya Narasimhan and rendered service to Sri Nrisimhapriya Tamil Magazine all through his life. Sri APN Swami’s Mother, Smt Ramani Narasimhan, also joined her husband to serve for Sri Nrisimhapriya Tamil Magazine. She has rendered invaluable service to the circulation of this magazine. Swami completed his MA, MPhil and Ph.D. degrees from Vivekananda College. His Ph.D. thesis included Allegorical Dramas in Vishistadvaitham, Sankalpa Suryodhyam and Viveka Vijayam Manuscript edition. Swami also completed Diploma in Vaishnavism from Madras University. In addition Sri APN Swami attended SriVaishnava Sampradayic learning as per the ancient Guru Shishya Kalakshepam method under the guidance of several eminent scholars. Swami served as a Sanskrit lecturer in eminent colleges in Madras like Vivekananda College, Meenakshi College, Madras University, DG Vaishnava College in the late 1990s. With Sri APN Swamy being the editor of the renowned Sri Nrisimhapriya(Tamil edition) magazine, we find the entire family of Swami dedicated to Sri Nrisimhapriya. Besides, he has been playing a pivotal role in spreading Sanathana Dharma and helping millions of people understand the nuances and intricacies of the Hindu way of life. All this rich learning from esteemed institutions and a personal flair for languages has made Swami a multi-linguistic scholar today. He is well-versed in languages such as Tamil, Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. Sri APN Swami is a very active and well known participant in Vidwath Sadas conducted by various Mutts, Sabhas and Sathsangs.

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