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Brief Background

Ramanuja Paduka Sevaka Prof.M A Lakshmi Thathachar is nationally renowned Sanskrit scholar. He is a polymath with a rare combination of traditional scholarship with modern research acumen. He founded the academy of Sanskrit Research in Melukote and nurtured it so well that it has become an International Centre for Sanskrit studies. While today most of Sanskrit studies and research by scholars focus on Vedanta and other spiritual aspects, in the words of our former President of India Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam, “it is to the credit of Dr.Thathachar that his works try to unearth science in our ancient scriptures in order to expand the knowledge horizon of modern science”. According to Prof.Thathachar, there is more science in Sanskrit shlokas than what they can learn in the west. He has a grand dream of digitizing, annotating, and cataloguing every manuscript in India to create a searchable database! In addition to publishing many books and research articles in reputed journals, Dr.Lakshmi Thathachar has reared a traditional aromatic garden having more than 200 different spiritually significant flowers and plants having medicinal qualities based on principles of Aroma Therapy. In addition, he has been engaged in preservation and conservation of traditional Indian breeds of Cows for last 40 years. The Samskriti Foundation that he has established gives shape to ideas emanating from the ever-fertile mind of this Octogenarian scholar.

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